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Deck.Toys is Growing Fast!

Check out what teachers are talking and sharing about Deck.Toys! Do also remember to follow and tweet us at @DeckToys If you like a place to discuss with other teachers in the Deck.Toys Beta, join our Facebook Community. Tweets Liked by @DeckToys   Interested to join the Deck.Toys Beta? Sign up here.

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[Video] Deck.Toys in the classroom

Jeremiah, a music teacher, has shared an introduction video of using Deck.Toys in his classroom. During the lesson, Jeremiah uses the student-paced mode while tracking students’ live progress via the Teacher’s view. You may try out Jeremiah’s Music Terms and Instruments deck here. Do also share with us videos or [...]

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What is Deck.Toys?

Deck.Toys is a new classroom tool that allows teachers to teach and engage students. We at Deck.Toys believe that every student has their own unique abilities and motivations. In a perfect world, every lesson is designed specifically for each student, but this may seem far-fetched due to time constraints for the teacher. This is the sad [...]

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A Math Lesson on Deck.Toys

Deck.Toys allows classroom engagement right from the start of the lesson till the end. Students may also use your decks as review or homework. Here is an example Math Deck created by Michael, a teacher in our Deck.Toys private beta. Click on ‘Welcome‘ for the first interactive Activity and do try to reach the Matching or [...]

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