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Deck Spotlight: Affix Escape

Today, we would like to highlight a wonderful deck created by Stevan, a teacher in our beta. He has created a digital breakout deck titled, Affix Escape. In Affix Escape, students begin their adventure at the center of a dungeon-like map and find their way to the exit. They will discover and learn about affixes – prefixes and [...]

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HyperDocs with Deck.Toys

HyperDocs by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton and Sarah Landis, has revolutionized learning in the classroom through the extensive use of Google Apps. This has led to a #HyperDocs movement where teachers everywhere are creating and sharing lessons to engage students. Lessons are no longer presented boringly in static long worksheets but via a [...]

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A Math Lesson on Deck.Toys

Deck.Toys allows classroom engagement right from the start of the lesson till the end. Students may also use your decks as review or homework. Here is an example Math Deck created by Michael, a teacher in our Deck.Toys private beta. Click on ‘Welcome‘ for the first interactive Activity and do try to reach the Matching or [...]

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Breakout in Every Lesson

Breakout EDU brings the exciting escape room experience into classrooms with the use of locks. Before running a breakout activity, you may need to spend a considerable amount of time for preparation. A simpler alternative is digital breakouts which usually involves hiding clues digitally within a page and let students unlock via the use [...]

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